Terry Muller bets on solar energy in Palm Bay

Por Javier Molinares

PALM BAY — In addition to serving honorably in the United States Army, Terry Muller has applied his leadership skills as a civilian in the business sector and serving his community.

Currently, Muller is leading a solar energy project with the company Green Energy, through which he offers his clients solar panels, insulation, windows, water treatment, and everything related to roofs.

Muller was born in Managua, Nicaragua. Years later, he moved to the United States and lived most of his youth with his grandmother in Fort Worth, Texas. While in high school, he got his first job at the age of 13, selling newspapers door-to-door.

“I started my working career during that time, as a kid. I started selling newspapers at the age of 13,” said Muller, a native Miskito from the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, who grew up in the civil war and was sent to the US in 1987.

Then, at the age of 16, he worked in a Mexican restaurant washing dishes. Upon graduating from high school with a technical specialty as an auto mechanic, he entered the United States Army as a combat engineer. During his active-duty time in the military, he was deployed in March 2003 to the Iraq war (Operation Iraqi Freedom), where he served for one year.

After serving four years in the military, Muller returned to Texas, this time to Houston, where he worked as a sales manager for eight years at Team Pest Defense. Gaining sales experience working in pest control, Muller decided to go into the construction business, specifically the roofing business. Then, he decided to move to Brevard County. 

“Well, in the sales field, basically everything is similar, except for the construction part that generated more money and I saw a bigger opportunity in the long term,” Muller said. “I entered because I saw that there are many people who needed that, a roof, and I joined a company that trained me.”

In Brevard, Muller began working for the Jasper Construction company, making contracts through insurance companies. He also got involved in serving his community in a local church, United Third Bridge and the Florida Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where he acted as a president for three years.  

Later, his career moved to a higher level when he met Darell Lewis, a friend and owner of Lewis Roofing, where he currently works and runs Team Green Energy Solutions.

His team at Lewis Roofing reaches out to communities alerted by storm or hail notifications through an app.

“Helping people and seeing how the work of a team changes the lives of others is something that gives us great satisfaction. Not many can go roof shopping and see that we can help them while saving them expenses. It’s really encouraging for them. Many times, homeowners don’t know that insurance can cover this type of damage,” Muller said.

At Lewis Roofing there are around 45 people who maintain the quality of work on their bespoke roofing services as they include a range of the latest options. In addition, the roofing company incorporates the latest energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions through Team Green Energy Solutions, which is responsible for installing solar systems and windows that make homes more efficient for owners.

“[Homeowners] could save money and take advantage of some of the government programs that are available to them,” Muller says. “Right now, a lot of people don’t know that you can get a very low-interest rate with the solar program of about 1.99. Even though the interest rate has gone up a bit, it is still very, very low, comparable to anything else.”

Team Green Energy Solutions is located at 6001 Babcock St SE. Palm Bay, corner of Malabar Road and Babcock Street, opposite the Racetrack petrol station. For more information call 1-800-240-6119 or visit www.teamgreenenergyfl.com.